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A bespoke service that draws on human-centred design techniques to optimise your product and customer experience.


Your business is unique, so we take time to deeply understand your needs, aspirations and who your customers are. That way, we can ensure you get the results you need in the most cost-effective and time-efficient way.


Whether you're starting from scratch, looking to optimise your current solution or exploring new avenues, we want to make sure that you and your customers get the most from your digital products and services.


There are three key elements to our customer-led approach.


1. Research

We talk to customers and observe them in context to get a deep understanding of their behaviours, needs and expectations.

This highlights opportunities for innovative solutions that will meet customer needs, exceed expectations and give you a competitive edge.

By observing typical customers while they use your existing or proposed solutions (and those of your competitors!), we can identify what works well, what doesn't and - most importantly - why.

Based on these insights, we recommend what improvements can be made, prioritising changes that will have maximum impact.


2. Design

We design solutions based on evidence from research and direction from stakeholders.

This avoids incorrect assumptions that can result in costly changes later on and ensures the final solution delights customers while meeting business needs.

Our interactive prototypes and wireframes allow you to visualise your new solution and clearly communicate to developers what needs to be implemented.


3. Test

We validate designs and refine them if necessary to make sure the final customer experience is as good as it can be.

In-depth testing with typical users in typical situations ensures immediate, informative and meaningful feedback. We listen to what users tell us and combine this with objective data such as visual scanning patterns, tasks times and screen interactions.

This maximises the potential to find opportunities for optimisation.



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