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UXcentric collaborates with businesses to succeed and designs for customers to have a great experience. We bring the needs of customers and business together to create innovative and intuitive digital products and experiences.

If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on a project, do let us know.



PSPA is a wonderful small charity dedicated to supporting those suffering from Progressive Supranuclear Palsy, as well as their carers and families.

We ran a sprint with PSPA to collaboratively design, prototype and test out an innovative concept for a service they had come up with. Due to the nature of PSP, we were conscious that attending user testing sessions was going to be a burden on the people we wanted to involve. So we did some guerilla testing with our users during the support groups run by PSPA volunteers.

Their very honest feedback has provided confidence that there was an appetite for this service, direction regarding platform choice and ideas for design improvement - although users were pretty impressed with what had been achieved in 4 days!


Lavender Therapy

Lavender Therapy is a new business in Worcestershire that were keen to have a website that was clear, concise and intuitive for its customer base. This project involved a design from the ground up, developing the information architecture, content and look and feel.

We worked with the owner, Nicole, throughout to ensure that she was happy with how the concept was progressing and so she was fully bought in to what we were doing. It paid dividends from the outset with new customers immediately after the site was published and Nicole is already thinking about expanding.



Lexable develops intuitive products that help people achieve your true potential with a particular focus on dyslexia and mental health.

We were asked to review their offering for both mobile and desktop experiences to ensure they had an intuitive experience and met the needs of their customers.

The review highlighted where some refinement was required but also some design ideas to help reinforce learning and significantly increase user satisfaction.


Nursery Hill Primary

Nursery Hill Primary is a small school in Warwickshire and they were in desperate need of a new website as it was completely outdated.

This project involved a complete modernisation of the look and feel for both desktop and mobile experiences, with a re-design from the ground up with new information architecture and new content based on user needs.

Throughout the process, we consulted with the school and parents to create a bespoke site that worked for them. As a result, the site is much more user-friendly and has a modern feel to it, while retaining the local family feel. ​ ​



Spark44 design agency who design and manage the Jaguar Land Rover website.

This project involved working on the e-commerce, specifically looking at the online car configurator and car sales experience for existing and new vehicles in the portfolio.

The brief was to enhance existing UX based on prior learning and applying our own experiences and recommendation, which we executed successfully.



Captcha is a local photography business, keen to find out what issues visiting had with their site to make it easier for them to engage.

We performed user testing and compared users' reactions and behaviour when using the client's site vs a competitor. This resulted in lots of clear recommendations and a plan of action that balanced customer needs with the chosen business direction.

Users also unearthed two unique selling points that the client didn't know they had! This demonstrates one benefit of in-person testing over automated methods and revealed much about users' thought processes and motivations behind their buying behaviour.



Dispace is an innovative new start-up who offer 'worker-friendly' spaces for those who don't want to be tied down to an office.

After an initial conversation to understand their business goals, we carried out an expert UX analysis on a prototype for their new app. This was done early in development to highlight potential issues and avoid costly re-work later on.

We scrutinised the architecture, customer journeys and layout, highlighting any areas that were at risk of diverging from customer expectations. This allowed Dispace to remedy any major issues before initiating development. It also allowed them to refine the prototype and pinpoint key research questions, making any subsequent user testing more focused and efficient.


Healing Flow

Healing Flow is a local alternative therapist practising acupuncture, yoga and massage and the addition of e-commerce elements.

This project involved a complete redesign of their website including a new information architecture (site structure), simplification of copy and a focus on most frequently accessed content such as pricing.

Since the redesign, the practice has seen a significant upsurge in client enquiries and bookings for all of their product offering.


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