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UXcentric has transport at its core, helping people travel safely, and efficiently and have a great experience doing so.


We have a wealth of experience in the automotive industry and are actively looking to collaborate in other sectors such as Rail and Aerospace too.


UXcentric is a proud member of the Rail Forum and has very recently joined the Railway Industry Association and the North East Automotive Alliance.


If you have any questions or would like to collaborate on a project, do let us know.



For 2 years, UXcentric, in a collaboration with Particle Design, worked on the design of a class-leading UX/UI for vehicles such as VF e35 and VF e36 electric SUV models.

Specifically, we've used our expertise in human-centred design on the Smart Infotainment system and Level 1 and 2 ADAS technologies, to provide the best driver and passenger experience possible. 

Collaborating on an international project during a pandemic across multiple times zones in Vietnam, the USA and Australia has at times been tremendously challenging yet incredibly rewarding. We've overcome those challenges and done some great work, which we are very proud of.


Infotec & Network Rail

We collaborated with Infotec and Network Rail to update the passenger information display in Manchester Piccadilly station. Platforms 13 and 14 have suffered from congestion due to high traffic.

The strategy was to change passenger behaviour by introducing a new concept for 'Wait', 'Prepare' and 'Go to platform' based on the status of the service.

Using colour, iconography and specific commands has supported management of passenger traffic and improved safety on the platforms. A combination of this and the refresh of the information displayed has resulted in great feedback from station colleagues and passengers alike.

We have since deployed a very similar concept at London Waterloo to very good effect.



We were involved in the UX design for several forthcoming products in the JCB portfolio. This involved talking to operators, creating design proposals and prototype models for testing before authoring specifications for the final design.

The machines involved more simple excavators through to rotating telehandlers with a focus on versatility, productivity, efficiency, safety and simplicity.

We worked closely with both the product teams and UI design consultancy to ensure that the end user experience was coherent, intuitive and had great usability.



Members of our team worked on several projects to design intuitive, attractive and engaging UX in-keeping with a premium vehicle.

The design philosophy was to fuse customers' knowledge and expectations from their digital lives with mobile-like experiences and interactions in an automotive-safe environment.

We developed a proprietary set of design rules to create harmony with other in-vehicle digital interfaces to ensure a holistic experience. We followed a human-centred design process to produce outstanding experiences for JLR customers complying with worldwide guidelines and regulations.



Spark44 design agency who design and manage the Jaguar Land Rover website.

This project involved working on the e-commerce, specifically looking at the online car configurator and car sales experience for existing and new vehicles in the portfolio.

The brief was to enhance existing UX based on prior learning and applying our own experiences and recommendation, which we executed successfully.


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